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Welcome to DermisLove

DermisLove Cosmetics Pvt Ltd is a one-stop solution for all things related to herbal and personal care cosmetics. You can get the services of leading cosmetic formulation experts, manufacturing facilities, highly secure custom formulation services, packaging (including logo and box designing), Cosmetics web development, Content writing and Marketing experts. In short, we provide you with complete ready to kick-off cosmetic business proposition.

Our Vision

We want to ensure that we contribute to making the beauty care industry more eco-friendly and sustainable. So that, the world and it’s people are both equally beautiful.

Our Mission

It is our mission to become a leading herbal and beauty care products manufacturer in the world. For that, we aim to help our customers make their dreams into successful realities and continuously keep them ahead of the competition.

Our Core Values

We hold we consider transparency, integrity, innovation and hard work extremely important to achieving our vision successfully.

Beauty, Skin and Body

Our co-founders – Dr. Amala Jyothi and Mr. Gopakumar were working on a new venture carrying the same thread of thoughts at the right time. DermisLove Cosmetics was a culmination of their mutual realization that they can contribute significantly to quality-assured natural cosmetic production in India. Already a presence in the Cosmetic industry, Dr. Amala Jyothi was unhappy with the harsh chemical cosmetic ingredients she used to work with. Several questions about the ingredients popped in her mind – how do these affect our skin? Don’t we put a lot of care into the food we consume. What we apply on our skin is basically food for skin. So, shouldn’t we be similarly careful with cosmetic ingredients? That’s when her journey towards DermisLove started. She began to delve deeper into the world of natural ingredients in cosmetics. Exploring their possibilities, she reached the conclusion that high quality natural, skin-friendly ingredients are the best way forward. With around 6 years of experience in Ayurvedic Cosmetology, hands-on experience in production and an extensive Ayurvedic heritage, Dr Amala had already understood the importance of natural cosmetics. She was also aware that the public wasn’t as receptive to traditional Ayurvedic cosmetics as mainstream cosmetics. So, her thoughts and research were focused on formulating appealing, user-friendly natural cosmetics using innovative methods. Mr. Gopakumar was smitten with the idea once he heard about it in detail. With his Administrative skills, Management ability and Business caliber, Mr. Gopakumar acted as the catalyst and created strong Business foundation needed for our co-founders. He provided much needed impetus to make their dreams,  a reality. Soon enough, DermisLove Cosmetics Pvt Ltd came into existence.

Why Choose Us

White Labelling

Avoid the hassle of managing the formulation and manufacturing process, and focus on improving your bottom line.

Best Price

You will get the best possible pricing for the quality you demand. That is our guarantee.

Quality Assurance

Quality, the cornerstone in building customer satisfaction and happiness, is our No.1 priority.

100% Natural

We exclusively use healthy, skin-friendly, natural ingredients keeping the consumer in mind.

Customized Formulations

Get products made solely to your specifications, with non-disclosure assurance.

Research & Development

Reap maximum benefits from our efforts for continuous improvement via ongoing R&D.