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DermisLove Cosmetics is one of the best herbal and personal care products manufacturing company in India. We provide manufacturing, whitelabelling and custom formulations on skin care, hair care and other personal care products in India. We also provide add-on services which include Elite product packaging, Labelling/Digital designs, Digital Marketing, Product web development and other IT services etc. Our services provide you with the following Benefits:

White Label

Our products, Your brand name. Our whitelabelling service provides you with Loan licensing facilities. This means, to present our licensed products in your brand name for a fixed period of time. We manufacture the product and license it out to you for a specific period, as agreed upon. For branding and packaging, you may use your existing facilities. If you want us to handle these for you, we have our world class infrastructural and manual resources to support.


When you have challenge in manufacturing products on your own, our manufacturing service can be of great support to you. You can share your formulae with us, and we will manufacture it for you. 100% confidentiality guaranteed. We use high quality herbal ingredients to ensure that there is no compromise on the efficacy of your products. These ingredients are sourced and verified under the supervision of authentic and experienced herbal product experts. To top it off, infrastructure we use includes the latest, top-notch machineries.

Custom Formulations

Using our facilities, we do the research and formulate products as per your specifications. Once the formulation is complete, we will get it Loan licensed for you. Complete ownership of the formula would remain with you. Our experienced and skilled formulators do the research and refine custom formulations to achieve the best results.



We are ISO and GMP certified institution. We follow best industrial standards when it comes to quality. At DermisLove, we use the best quality machineries. Periodic checkups and maintenance are done to avoid any hiccups from the machines. Also, we have a manual QA process where each batch gets tested against a set of standard criteria. All customers are encouraged to visit our facility and view the process in person.

Quality is our number one priority. It is highly unlikely scenario of a quality mismatch from what is originally agreed upon would arise. DermisLove offers replacement if the finished product is not meeting the specifications mutually agreed. Conditions apply as per signed NDA/MoU.

Yes. DermisLove takes care of the labelling and other processes as well, if needed.

Turnaround time entirely depends upon the type of formulation, product type, quantity, and packaging requirements of each customer. Contact us, with your exact requirements to know more.

We sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement with every customer. This is to confirm both parties get not just assurance but support to ensure the safety of the formulations.